• Date de parution : 01/07/2015
  • ISBN : 9790004184769



Référence : BRKEB 8886

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Climbing Tour
2 Lost in Thoughts
3 Walk like a Caterpillar!
4 Good Mood Song
5 The Old Bear is Sick
6 Friends
7 Dance of the Fleas
8 Cat in the Sun
9 The Beggar
10 The Woodpecker
11 Key Training
12 Melody
13 Tio and Luna
14 We Quarreled
15 Ballee, Ballaa, Balloon
16 Catching Grasshoppers
17 Little Dance of Dwarves
18 At the Funfair
19 In Late Autumn
20 Weird Notes
21 Two Little Monkeys on the Ladder
22 Little Pest
23 The Waltz of the Toads
24 The Snake
25 Achoo!
26 Shadow Play
27 March of the Elephants
28 Baby Bird, Fallen from the Nest
29 Staccatino
30 The Onlooker
31 A Deep Well
32 Red Ants
33 Cuckoo Family
34 Puppet Dance
35 Little Etude
36 Juggling Notes
37 Knight Bluebeard
38 Scherzino
39 Rustic Dance

Description :

Little Tio "on Tour" means that he wanders across the meadows, whistles a few melodies, runs into grasshoppers, birds, caterpillars, even bears and snakes, and in no time at all he's compiled a collection of 40 new pieces. "Tio on Tour" also means: the piano has many more keys than the notes within the interval of a fifth. So let's go! We move our hands by following Tio, stretch them and explore the keys little by little. We master them from above and below, use the (right) pedal ... and realize that we can also go "on tour" for a little recital with Tio and these catchy pieces. Applause, applause!

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