The Skálholt Suite – The Black Forest Suite O'RHYS DANIEL


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Référence : BOE 7998

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  • Date de parution : 11/06/2021
  • ISBN : 9783954562695

Variété internationale et musique du monde


1. Prelude [Daniel O'Rhys]
2. Rain Road [Daniel O'Rhys]
3. Reykir Window [Daniel O'Rhys]
4. Wren [Daniel O'Rhys]
5. Skálholt [Daniel O'Rhys]
6. Bakki Aria [Daniel O'Rhys]
7. Meditation [Daniel O'Rhys]
8. 8 Chords [Daniel O'Rhys]
9. Slow Book [Daniel O'Rhys]
10. Blauen [Daniel O'Rhys]
11. Lento [Daniel O'Rhys]
12. Camille [Daniel O'Rhys]
13. The Quietest Day [Daniel O'Rhys]

Description :

Piano music that seems to be written for nature. These pieces are miniatures of a calm world, fragile and beautiful. Daniel O'Rhys thinks of his music in suites. Each of these suites is about a special place.

""The music makes a solid connection. With the places, the people, the stories and the journey itself. The music would not have been created without these things. They are special moments at special points on this earth captured in music. They are not purely musical descriptions of a landscape. The individual pieces are more like drawings in a very personal diary.""

Daniel O’Rhys wanted to create something special. Not just a sheet music book. He wanted to add photographs, moments and stories from his journeys and create something that has a true value.

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