• Date de parution : 03/02/2022
  • ISBN : 9781513468143

The Fiddlin’ Workshop for Cello


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Variété internationale et musique du monde


1. Overview of Symbols and Terminology [Jeanine Orme]
2. Scales and Key Signatures [Jeanine Orme]
3. Soldier’s Joy [Jeanine Orme]
4. Arkansas Traveler [Jeanine Orme]
5. Devil’s Dream in A [Jeanine Orme]
6. Devil’s Dream in D [Jeanine Orme]
7. Staten Island (simplified version) [Jeanine Orme]
8. Staten Island (lower version) [Jeanine Orme]
9. Irish Washerwoman [Jeanine Orme]
10. Garry Owen [Jeanine Orme]
11. Red Haired Boy (simplified and lower versions) [Jeanine Orme]
12. Red Haired Boy (variation) [Jeanine Orme]
13. Wilson’s Clog (simplified version) [Jeanine Orme]
14. Wilson’s Clog (lower version) [Jeanine Orme]
15. Here’s to the Ladies (simplified and lower versions) [Jeanine Orme] 16. St. Anne’s Reel (simplified and lower versions) [Jeanine Orme]
17. Great Western Clog [Jeanine Orme]
18. East Tennessee Blues (2 cellos) [Jeanine Orme]
19. My Silver Bell (2 cellos) [Jeanine Orme]
20. Whoa Mule [Jeanine Orme]
21. Fisher’s Hornpipe [Jeanine Orme]
22. Teetotaler’s Reel [Jeanine Orme]
23. Temperance Reel [Jeanine Orme]
24. Ragtime Annie [Jeanine Orme]
25. Crazy Creek [Jeanine Orme]
26. Ook Pik Waltz (simplified version) [Jeanine Orme]
27. Ook Pik Waltz (original version with shifting) [Jeanine Orme]
28. Goodnight Waltz [Jeanine Orme]
29. Angus Campbell (simplified version) [Jeanine Orme]
30. Angus Campbell (lower version) [Jeanine Orme] 31. Bill Cheatum (simplified and original versions) [Jeanine Orme]
32. Forester’s Reel (simplified and original versions) [Jeanine Orme]
33. New Broom [Jeanine Orme]
34. Snowflake Reel [Jeanine Orme]
35. Cuckoo’s Nest 1 (simplified and original versions) [Jeanine Orme]
36. Cuckoo’s Nest 2 (simplified version and variation with shifting) [Jeanine Orme]
37. Snowshoes (simplified) [Jeanine Orme]
38. Forked Deer [Jeanine Orme]
39. Bittercreek [Jeanine Orme]
40. Salt River [Jeanine Orme]
41. Whiskey Before Breakfast [Jeanine Orme]
42. Cattle in the Cane [Jeanine Orme]
43. Black and White Rag (simplified) [Jeanine Orme]
44. Little Joe [Jeanine Orme]

Description :

This book presents the most widely played fiddle tunes in easy-to-read arrangements for cello. The cello edition features the same tunes in the same keys as the author’s original The Fiddlin’ Workshop and The Fiddlin' Workshop for Viola, so the instruments could conceivably jam together. Includes helpful hints for fingerings and bowing as well as a bit of fiddlin’ history and related folklore. Designed for beginning through intermediate players, the arrangements are progressively arranged with suggested guitar accompaniment chords. Includes access to an excellent online audio recording of all tunes and variations.

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