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The African Worship Collection

Choeur Mixte

Éditeur : Kevin Mayhew
Référence : KM 1400303

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All tribes from every nation (Du Plessis/Falson)
A new sound in my heart (Carr)
Armed with splendour (Hoult)
As long as there is air to breathe (Klassen)
As the rain comes down (Coetzee)
Blessed are those (De Gersigny)
Break the fallow ground (Di Somma)
Caught up in your presence (Du Plessis/McEwan)
Come, let us rejoice before him (Anthill)
Come worship (Tannous)
Create in me a clean heart (Klassen)
Draw close to me (De Gersigny)
Everybody rise up (Klassen)
Everywhere our feet shall tread (De Gersigny)
For ever and ever (Mundy)
For such a time as this (Du Plessis/Kristianson/Davis/Alword)
Give me rhythm for I have to dance (Carr)
Glorious Lord (Mundy)
Glory, glory, I give you glory (Klassen)
God of glory (Henley)
God of my salvation (Klassen)
Great is the Lord (McKewan)
Great King, you've called me (Humphris)
Hallelujah, hosanna (Masando/Du Plessis)
Hear the cry as the watchmen call (Carr)
He fills me up (Goodwill)
Higher than angels (Coetzee/Thomson)
I believe (Carr)
I delight myself in you (Mundy/Price)
I give you my heart (Humphris)
I have absolute trust (Arthur)
I have set my feet on walking (De Gersigny)
I'll seek your face (Henderson)
I love you, Lord (De Gersigny)
I'm running the race 'cause (Jesus Adcock)
In every rose (Koch)
In the mornin' hour (Price)
I see the holy city (Carr)
Isn't it good (Price)
I want for nothing (Frow)
I want to be a friend of the (King Frow)
I want to see power (Fouche)
I will awaken the dawn, Oh God (Carr)
I will exalt my God, the King (Mundy)
I will give you praise (Klassen)
I will lift my eyes up to the hills (Carr)
I will linger at the cross (Alan/Frow)
Jesus, I'm in love with you (Fouche)
Jesus, life and hope (De Gersigny)
Jesus, you are worthy (Henley)
King of kings and Lord of lords (Mundy)
Let us come together (Van Niekerk)
Lord, how you came and rescued me (Goodwill)
Lord, it's your goodness (Theunissen)
Lord Jesus, don't you know I'm so in love with you (Dobbs/Price)
Lord of heaven (Hoult)
Lord of hosts (Price)
Lord of the harvest (Carr)
Lord, there is none like unto you (Freeman/Kine)
Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika (Traditional)
Oh my Lord, you are beautiful (Zucchi)
One Lord, one faith (Thompson/Thompson/Mitchell)
One voice, one (Spirit/Klassen/Mundy/Sampson)
People in the land of our birth (Klassen/Klassen/Mundy/Petersen/Sampson)
Praise him (Goodwill)
Praise the Lord (Mapongwane)
Rea O Leboha (Traditional)
Right now, the presence of the Lord (Coetzee)
Stretch out your hand (Du Plessis/Smith)
Thank you for your mighty power (Mundy/Petersen/Price)
The blood of Jesus (Coetzee)
There are no words (Price)
There is acceptance for you (Price)
There is a passion burning deep (Petersen)
There's a river (Du Plessis)
There's a song all the time (Klassen)
There will never be an end (Holt)
Those who wait on the Lord (Klassen)
Thula Sizwe (Traditional)
Under the shadow (Mundy)
Underneath the Southern sky (Carr)
Vula Amanzi (Ntsala/Van Niekerk)
We declare your majesty (Du Plessis)
We have a dream (Rist)
We have come (Price)
We lift our hands to worship you (Thompson/Thompson)
We lift up our eyes (De Gersigny)
We will delight greatly in you (De Gersigny)
We will lift our eyes again (Humphris/Godfrey)
When the battle's strong (Mundy/Petersen/Price)
Who am I (Fairclough)
Who can heal the broken-hearted (Klassen)
Who can match your greatness (Inkosi/De Gersigny)
Who is there like almighty God (Klassen/Klassen/Petersen/Sampson/Thompson)
Who is there like you (De Gersigny)
Who is thirsty (Frow)
Words escape today (Frow)
You alone are my God (Bell)
You alone are the one (Rist)
You are holy and true (Fredericks/Sampson)
You are my light (Mundy/Price)
You are the breath of life (Price)
You are the hope of my salvation (Carr)
You chose me (Fouche)
You have filled my cup (De Gersigny)
You, O Lord, are a Holy God (Du Plessis/Baloche/Baloche)
You paid the price (Fouche/Frow)
You're amazing (Mundy)
You received a child (De Gersigny)
You're magnificent (Fredericks/Sampson)
Your word inspires me (Price)

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