• Date de parution : 01/07/2015
  • ISBN : ND3555111003312


Guitare Basse

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Éditeur : Play Music
Référence : CARMF 0331

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Description :

Tapping is a technique that involves playing notes with both hands directly on the neck of the Bass Guitar. It was popularised by virtuosos such as Adam Nitti, Stuart Hamm, Victor Wooten and Billy Sheehan, but has become more and more popular with amateur players for the unique and futuristic sounds it can produce. With Tapping A La Basse, you can learn everything necessary to master this cool technique.

In four chapters, this method will help you learn how to make strange and wonderful sounds with two-handed tapping. The first chapter details linear tapping, the second will teach you how to create great riffs and licks with tapped arpeggios, the third lets you combine tapping and chords, while the fourth and final chapter will reveal polyphonic tapping. While some technical exercises are revealed, this method is primarily based on practising, ensuring that you master all the techniques through playing them.

The accompanying DVD is a great help in letting you hear and visualise how the tapping should sound and be played. Two different speeds enable you to see how it's done at normal speed, then slowed down so you can play along and gradually get to grips with the style. With technical and musical examples within this method, you will gain all the details needed to grasp Bass Guitar tapping!