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  • ISBN : 9790201890562

Symphony In G Major Hob. I:88 HAYDN JOSEPH


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Symphony in G major Hob. I:88

Description :

Haydn probably composed his Symphony no. 88 in G major in 1787, just one year after the six so-called Paris symphonies. It was written, together with its sister work, the F-major Symphony no. 89, for the violinist Johann Tost, who sold it to the Parisian publisher Sieber. In both works, Haydn continues the compositional achievements of the Paris symphonies: mastery of orchestration, richness of musical ideas and details, and an idiosyncratic, multicoloured use of the wind section (which still makes do without Clarinets). The G-major symphony is characterised by its cheerful, almost cheeky inflection – the theme of the rondo finale in particularpossesses the strong qualities of an earworm. This study edition reproduces the musical text of the Haydn Complete Edition, which is a guarantor of the finest scholarship. An informative preface and a brief critical report make this handy score an ideal companion for all Haydn fans, both present and future.

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