• Date de parution : 09/12/2021
  • ISBN : 9790001214308

Mundharmonika spielen LETSCH PERRY


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Éditeur : Schott Music
Référence : ED 9367D

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Description :

The harmonica is a small fantastic instrument which can be learnt to play without any previous knowledge. Unlike with the keyboard or guitar, however, with the harmonica one cannot see 'how to do it'. This is why the best tips and tricks have been compiled in this book, guaranteeing a smooth start. All playing techniques are explained in a clear and comprehensible way. Graphic illustrations and easy exercises make it easy to learn to play the harmonica. In addition, the book not only contains a large selection of great musical pieces, but also describes in a comprehensive and accurate way how to generate all semitones of the 'harp', thus providing even advanced players with new material.

'Mundharmonika spielen – mein schönstes Hobby' is a modern harmonica method for young people and adults which never makes them lose the fun and joy of learning. No matter whether with or without teacher, this method provides the beginner with a solid foundation for playing the harmonica. The clear layout with info boxes and tests makes it easy for the players to find their way around and learn to play this instrument. In addition, all pieces are available as audio recordings via download, so that it is possible to listen to them repeatedly, thus having a perfect acoustic learning aid. As regards the instrument, it is advisable to use a Richter-tuned diatonic harmonica in C with 10 holes (harp).

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