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Cornet à Pistons

Éditeur : Leduc
Référence : AL 15691

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Description :

Methode complète de Cornet à Pistons for the Cornet, Trumpet or Saxhorn, composed by Guillaume Balay is a method for beginners in two volumes and one of the most complete for these instruments. This first volume focuses on the establishment of the music and on the quality of the sonority obtained. The first two chapters will therefore focus on the establishment of the rhythms. They are followed by some studies of scales and liaisons. The last three chapters concentrate on learning how to play certain nuances of melody, arpeggios and syncopation. All techniques acquired while studying this volume would not befully effective if not followed by the study of Methode complète de Cornet à Pistons Volume 2. Guillaume Balay (1871-1943) is a French Soloist and Composer. As a member of the military, he was the Head of Music for the Republican Guard and composed many chamber music and solo music pieces, for Cornets and other Wind instruments. He was also a respected music teacher.

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