• Date de parution : 01/02/2016
  • ISBN : 9790046306846

Mes Premières Etudes En Duo : 30 Petites Pièces Mélodiques Et Rythmiques BIME-APPARAILLY

2 Altos

Éditeur : Leduc
Référence : AL 30684

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Description :

Written for 2nd and 3rd year instrumental students, My First Studies, To Play Together for Viola presents itself as the little brother of the collection for Violin, available under reference number AL30683. Valerie Bime-Apparailly once again deploys her usual teaching talent by transforming this genre, often seen as boring and austere, into a progressive introduction to the mysteries of technique, captivating students with its clear, clean design and focus on fun. In My First Studies, To Play Together for Viola, each unit begins with the melody that the young musician is to learn. The technical challenge to master is indicatedin boxed text. Explanations may follow (on the notation of Da Capo, for example), after which comes the complete score and the accompaniment to be played by the teacher. Mozart, Spohr and Beethoven, but also great teachers like Charles de Beriot, Jean-Delphin Alard and Maurice Hauchard help students absorb fundamental musical concepts like slurs, syncopation, appogiatura and bow indications without losing sight of the most important part: the pleasure of playing music.

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