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  • ISBN : 9781783058587

Keyboard From The Beginning – Book – Audio Download


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Éditeur : Chester Music
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Broccoli And Ice Cream
Doughtnuts And Smelly Cheese
Hedgehogs Are Awesome!
Coconut Sandwiches
Au Clair De La Lune
Suo Gan
Elephants And Big Sardines
Pease Pudding Hot
Space Mission
Merrily We Roll Along
Happy Holiday
Purple Porridge
Dragons Like To Dance
Tick, tock, tick, tock
Waiting For The Snowflakes
Land Ahoy!
This Old Man
London Bridge
The Milky Way
All Through The Night
Max The Monster
The Scaredy-Ghost
One Man Went To Mow
Lightly Row
Frere Jacques
Hot Cross Buns
Pop! Goes The Weasel
Ode To Joy
Strange Echoes
Amazing Grace
Parties Rock!
Spinning Waltz
Gliding Downwards
Isaac The Dinosaur
Amelia The Mouse
The Old Steam Train
Stomp, Stomp...Squeak!

Description :

Keyboard From The Beginning is a practical teaching method for younger students who are just starting to learn the instrument. Ideal for 6- to 12-year-olds, this introduction to playing the Keyboard or Piano uses a mix of original and favourite melodies, as well as fun pictures, to get pupils making music from their very first lesson.

Keyboard From The Beginning uses a enjoyable melodies to introduce different techniques and principles, guiding young students in the beginning of their Keyboard-playing career. No previous musical knowledge or experience is necessary, this book will take students from the absolute beginning to playing their first fun tunes with ease.

Using over 30 enjoyable and simple tunes, this book will allow young beginners to express their musicality at the same time as learning the basics of playing. With timeless tunes like Au Clair De La Lune, This Old Man, London Bridge and Ode To Joy, children will learn to play these simple melodies while at the same time learning new notes and techniques like different time signatures, rests, dotted rhythms and even scales and chords.

As the book progresses, new techniques are introduced, providing a structured and logical course, making this an ideal book for students to work from either on their own or as part of a larger group. The book is accompanied by a unique download card, giving instant online access to audio downloads of demonstrations and backing tracks. Pupils will be able to hear how each tune should sound, before playing it along with a professional recording. Fun images throughout make this a hugely fun and enjoyable book to introduce young beginners to the joys of playing the Keyboard.

Keyboard From The Beginning is a brilliant way for young pupils with no previous musical experience to learn to play the Keyboard. Musical melodies, easy-to-understand lessons and colourful images combine to create a Keyboard method that will keep children interested and start them on their way towards becoming proficient keyboardists.

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