• Date de parution : 20/09/2015
  • ISBN : 9790001199902

Impulso Op. 74 GUILLOU JEAN

Flûte Traversière

Éditeur : Schott Music
Référence : FTR 227

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Description :

In Impulso Jean Guillou regards the flute as a person who appears and asks a short, yet compelling question in front of the public. This question is followed by a statement. And when the question is asked again, it is again followed by this statement, and the whole development of this work happens through increasingly precise paraphrases to which new ideas are added which are presented like a lyrical development and like a constant amplification.
All gestures, all attacks or caresses of breath and lips multiply only with the aim of lending more richness and more substance as well as more reason to this initial question and statement. With the weight given to the more eloquent deductions and developments, the discourse comes to an end, while returning, as if in conclusion, again and again to this short and final statement from the beginning.
Thus, the impulse and breath of the flute is expressed - eloquent and passionate - between paraphrase, exposition and clarification.

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