• Date de parution : 01/01/2006
  • ISBN : 9783905477269

Gammes Pour Violon Vol.2


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Éditeur : Dowani
Référence : DOW 04601-400

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Jean Pennequin: Nr. 1 A-Dur
Franz Wohlfahrt: Nr. 2 Es-Dur
Luigi Cherubini: Nr. 3 e-moll
Franz Wohlfahrt: Nr. 4 d-moll
Charles-Auguste de Bériot: Nr. 5 As-Dur
Franz Wohlfahrt: Nr. 6 g-moll
Charles-Auguste de Bériot: Nr. 7 Es-Dur
Jacques-Féréol Mazas: Nr. 8 d-moll
Jacques-Féréol Mazas: Nr. 9 As-Dur
Jacques-Féréol Mazas: Nr. 10 a-moll
Michel-Joseph Gebauer: Nr. 11 Es-Dur
Michel-Joseph Gebauer: Nr. 12 g-moll
Luigi Cherubini: Nr. 13 C-Dur
Charles-Auguste de Bériot: Nr. 14 d-moll
Luigi Cherubini: Nr. 15 As-Dur
Franz Wohlfahrt: Nr. 16 a-moll
Jacques-Féréol Mazas: Nr. 17 Es-Dur
Jacques-Féréol Mazas: Nr. 18 g-moll
Luigi Cherubini: Nr. 19 d-moll
Charles-Auguste de Bériot: Nr. 20 a-moll
Charles-Auguste de Bériot: Nr. 21 g-moll
Michel-Joseph Gebauer: Nr. 22 d-moll
Luigi Cherubini: Nr. 23 g-moll
Charles Dancla: Nr. 24 g-moll
Luigi Cherubini: Nr. 25 es-moll
Luigi Cherubini: Nr. 26a Ces-Dur
Luigi Cherubini: Nr. 26b H-Dur

Description :

A further volume containing 26 scales, each presented as an exercise with a second part to be played by the teacher, or the CD. The book introduces other aspects such as tonality, harmony and how scales are constructed to give the beginner an all round knowledge of how music is constructed. The three speed CD that is included with both these volumes contains the second part at different speeds so the pieces can be played at a tempo suitable to the level of the violinist. Both volumes also include stickers to be used when a particular scale has been mastered, making these suitable for the younger player.

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