• ISBN : 9790012196594

Dual Identity (2005) GERNOT WOLFGANG


Éditeur : Doblinger
Référence : DOB 05-00514

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Description :

...clever, finely-crafted, interesting modern work for the bassoon (...) Wolfgang's style is fundamentally atonal, but highly developmental, utilizing very interesting melodic and rhythmic motives to bind the music together. The influences of jazz and rock are clearly audible, and the entire structure has a wonderful sense of finesse and completion. (...) If you are looking for a tough-but-fun composition for your next performance, this neat work will fill the bill very well. I recommend it strongly to all you brave bassoonists out there looking for a nifty challenge. (Double Reed, Vol. 31.No. 2) ...This little sketch for bassoon, which highlights both its energetic and its lyrical capabilities, is quite delightful. Even multiphonics are used imaginatively and to musically sensible effect, rather than displaying their more common function as exercises in ugliness. ...' (Walter Simmons, Fanfare Magazine, August 2008)

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