• Date de parution : 25/06/1905
  • ISBN : 9789043117364

Blockflötenland Band 2 VAN DER VOORT PAUL

Flûte à Bec

Référence : DHP 1033376-401

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Description :

Recorder World is a new and colourful introduction to recorder playing, particularly suitable for very young children. The Great Wizard and his owl act as guides through the book. New notes and ideas are introduced gradually and reinforced by colourful stickers which can be used as each concept is presented. There are also games and pieces in two and three parts including both original and well known tunes. There is plenty here to keep young musicians interested and amused - an ideal start to a lifetime of musical activity. Book 2 gradually extends the range and introduces new material in many styles. It also encourages players to experiment with theinstrument, making different types of sound and improvising. Book 2 comes with a colourful poster which is packed with ideas for taking recorder playing to the next level. English Edition: DHP 1043756-401, vol. 2

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