36 Studi Elementari E Progressivi Op. 20 KAYSER HEINRICH ERNST


Éditeur : Ricordi
Référence : ER 00301200

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  • Date de parution : 05/07/1905
  • ISBN : 9790041830124


Description :

All 36 studies for violin from H. E. Kayser combined in one volume. This revision of the Studies by Kayser will help beginners get used to adopting rational fingerings right from the start. However complicated they may seem at first sight, rational fi ngerings actually provide more reliable solutions, even to the minor technical problems encountered in these elementary studies. Some passages use the second position (sometimes to avoidunnecessary extensions) on the assumption that anyone using these studies will already have begun to practise the positions. The fi ngerings placed in brackets are either more demanding or given as an alternative; the teacher will be able to guide thestudent as to which option to choose. Finally, I have prefaced almost all the studies with preparatory exercises and variants ( from the preface by Renato Zanettovich).

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