• ISBN : 9790046258039

2 Caprices En Forme De Valse BONNEAU PAUL

Saxophone en Mib et Piano

Éditeur : Leduc
Référence : AL 25803

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Description :

As the Saxophone is commonly associated with the jazz style, classical music for the instrument had always been lacking. Therefore, when Paul Bonneau (1918-1995) composed his Deux Caprices En Formed De Valse for Alto Saxophone and Piano, it was well-received by performers of the genre. Bonneau 's composition was highly versatile, ranging from over fifty film scores, operettas, songs and other pieces for Saxophone, including a concerto. The Deux Caprices En Formed De Valse, however, were particularly acclaimed for their use of advanced techniques. The works contains typically French characteristicsincluding chromaticism and difficult technical passages. All these elements combined make for an enjoyable and challenging piece for saxophonists.

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