• Date de parution : 28/08/2020
  • ISBN : 9790008089657


Flûte à Bec Soprano et Piano

Avec support vidéo et/ou audio
Éditeur : Universal Edition
Référence : UE 38071

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Dehnhard Tilmann: Helium Dream
Dehnhard Tilmann: Oval Opal
Dehnhard Tilmann: Salt and Sand
Dehnhard Tilmann: Tiny Topaz
Dehnhard Tilmann: Soliloquy for Two
Dehnhard Tilmann: Blue Pearl
Dehnhard Tilmann: Turquoise Turtle
Dehnhard Tilmann: First Boat Home
Dehnhard Tilmann: Just Saying
Dehnhard Tilmann: I See Kites
Dehnhard Tilmann: Amber Tear
Dehnhard Tilmann: Silvery Surf
Dehnhard Tilmann: Sepia and Blue
Dehnhard Tilmann: Home Soon
Dehnhard Tilmann: Bright Delight
Dehnhard Tilmann: Do Your Dance

Description :

Colours that mix, shades that change and rhythms that develop are just some of the aspects that make Dehnhard's compositions so special. The short, light miniatures are small, self-contained works of art with great melodic expressiveness, which are not only fun to work on in class, but also convincing on the concert stage.

In gentle images that tell of our world's treasures, positive feelings, quiet experiences or silent moments, each piece traces moments that show themselves with each breath in a new light and change from all sides. Whether it is the spray of the waves, the sparkle of a gemstone or a dragon in the sky, there are always new nuances in color and sound, and thus infinite possibilities that are composed kaleidoscopically before our eyes. As if by itself, it carries on one piece by piece, creating moods and igniting images in front of the inner eye.

In addition to their inspiring melodies, the miniatures focus on a characteristic rhythm whose timing, in combination with the jazzy harmonies, turns them into little pearls of modern flute literature. They almost exclusively use traditional playing techniques and rarely exhaust the range of the recorder in the high register. The enclosed CD of full, play-along recordings supports and completes the edition.

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