• Date de parution : 26/04/2022
  • ISBN : 9781513468006

10 Brazilian Choros GUERRA STEPHEN

Guitare Classique

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Variété internationale et musique du monde


1. Composer Biographies
2. Flausina [lead sheet]
3. Flausina [arrangement]
4. Sonho de magia [lead sheet]
5. Sonho de magia [arrangement]
6. Lua branca [lead sheet]
7. Lua branca [arrangement]
8. Perigoso [lead sheet]
9. Perigoso [arrangement]
10. Paulista [lead sheet]
11. Paulista [arrangement]
12. Teu beijo/Hilda [lead sheet]
13. Teu beijo/Hilda [arrangement]
14. Palpite infeliz [lead sheet]
15. Palpite infeliz [arrangement] 16. Flor amorosa [lead sheet]
17. Flor amorosa [arrangement]
18. Terna saudade [lead sheet]
19. Terna saudade [arrangement]
20. Primeiro amor [lead sheet]
21. Primeiro amor [arrangement]
22. Performance Notes

Description :

Choro is a popular instrumental-music tradition flourishing in Brazil and around the world. It preceded, influenced, and in turn was influenced by samba and bossa nova. Its repertory is vast, including thousands of choros composed by all manner of string, wind, keyboard, and percussion players—in addition to the guitar classics by João Pernambuco and Heitor Villa-Lobos.This landmark publication gives guitarists access to this seemingly endless repertory, empowering its readers to turn a choro written for any instrument into a convincing and idiomatic solo guitar arrangement. This process is taught through examples provided by Dr. Stephen Guerra, a versatile guitarist/composer intimately familiar with both classical and Brazilian guitar (violão brasileiro) as well as the choro idiom.This book is intended for both students of Brazilian guitar and classical guitarists seeking to add choros to their repertory and play them authentically. It includes: •Original solo arrangements plus lead sheets and online recordings of 10 choros for the intermediate to advanced classic guitarist•Biographical and performance notes regarding the selected composers and compositions.•Insightful suggestions for further reading, listening, and study. •Extensive endnotes explaining arrangement choices, notation practice and influences. Dr. Guerra focuses on classics from the pioneering generation of choro composers culminating in the artistry of João Pernambuco, Pixinguinha, and Heitor Villa-Lobos; among others, these include compositions by choro pianists Chiquinha Gonzaga and Ernesto Nazareth, samba singer-composer Noel Rosa, choro bandleaders Joaquim Calado and Anacleto de Medeiros, and Brazil’s early flute virtuoso, Patápio Silva.Includes access to online audio.

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